kde fedora nvidia no login screen
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    kde fedora nvidia no login screen

    okay, i am running fc27 kde spin with a nvidia vid card. when i did the last round of updates, after keeping it stable for a while, i rebooted and got no login screen. usually when this happens i reinstall the proprietary nvidia drivers and everything works. i used this as a guide the first time...if-not-true-then-false.com. this time it did not work. so i decided to do a fresh install, update and do the same thing...failed!

    so i decided to upgrade to fc28...live cd fails to fully open a live version so that failed. so i decided to try the older way using rpmfusions kmod.nvidia/akmod.nvidia (rpmfusion.org/Howto/NVIDIA), and after i installed that i got a black screen after booting. so right now i cannot get a graphical login screen after booting.

    not really sure where to go from here. can anyone help...i am pretty damn frustrated!?

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    Re: kde fedora nvidia no login screen

    oh, this is on the 4.17 kernel...

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