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    Angry Latest KDE LTS update makes laptop unusable

    I have a Lenovo W530 w/ Fedora 28 KDE spin. The latest KDE update essentially killed activities. Activity manager won't display. On the docking station, the left monitor has no background and no cashew control, while the right monitor does. This is the latest in a long line of problems with Fedora and laptops. If anyone knows the devs for this KDE spin, please tell them to test their updates on a laptop or two before releasing to the general public.

    I'm furious at Fedora for doing this. Every ****ing update to system packages has me chasing new problems related to the desktop. I now have to downgrade all KDE libraries somehow (I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun). Then, I have to go shopping for another distro, because I need to actually get work done.

    If anyone has a convenient way to roll back KDE to the previous version, please share. I'm not doing a bug report on this. I'm done with Fedora after this. Let them rot. All I see is irresponsible behavior out of this foundation, or whatever it is these days. You can't just take a server distro and plonk it out to end users without testing it first. How does something as big as breaking the desktop not come up in testing?

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    Re: Latest KDE LTS update makes laptop unusable

    suse Linux is a KDE distribution. I use it and KDE is stable and current.

    By the way, SUSE was just sold to a Sweedish firm for a few billion in profit by MicroFocus.

    I use Tumbleweed version (Their Fedora equivalent). There is also Manjaro. Both are rolling releases.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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    Re: Latest KDE LTS update makes laptop unusable

    Quote Originally Posted by 220runner
    How does something as big as breaking the desktop not come up in testing?
    Fedora KDE spin tracks KDE Project upstream and packages the latest builds of Plasma and widgets rather than the Long Term Support (LTS) ones. This means you will encounter issues from time to time, especially shortly after essentially a brand new build of KDE is created upstream.

    Clearly there aren't KDE users with your workflow and combination of Plasma Widgets contributing to testing which to a certain extent maintainers rely on. So don't lay the blame solely at their door, instead you need to accept at least some responsibility yourself for not feeding back issues through bugzilla.

    If KDE were completely broken, there would be far more posts about it here. It's more than likely the combination of widgets you are running and your workflow that triggered the issue you are encountering.

    The maintainers of Fedora Project cannot foresee every eventuality and test every specific combination of installed widgets and types of workflow on their own. They are not paid to work on Fedora and are users contributing time and efforts for the benefit of everyone else.

    if you do chuck the baby out with the bath water and switch to another operating system, I suggest picking a distribution only packaging the LTS KDE packages, e.g. 5.12.x and not 5.13.x.

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