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    Question Boot in Fedora28

    Hi averybody. I am newbie in linux world and specify Fedora. When boot in fedora28, this error raises:

    Please help that how can resolve this mistake to back to my lovin' fedora!

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    Re: Boot in Fedora28

    Hi. Does your system, otherwise, working normal ? If yes, then just ignore, it is merely cosmetic bug.

    Cosmetic bugs are common on Linux & need not to be in mind. I report one chronic to & developer close the bug saying that it not necessary to fix it as long as it does not cause problem. They will never consider time that taken on booting due to such bugs!
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    Re: Boot in Fedora28

    after this message restart my laptop and again raise this error and again restart and ....

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    Re: Boot in Fedora28

    Warnings can SOMETIMES be ignored; Errors are ERRORS.

    I'm not an expert, but it's doing a LOT of complaining about your ata5 - my personal suspicion is that the drive is not well, especially given the IO error message.

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    Re: Boot in Fedora28

    Yes, looks like a hard disk error problem. Since it doesn't look like it's booting, you'll need to use a rescue disk or live disk to boot and then use some tools to check the disk.
    Perhaps you could use, in a terminal, something like:
    smartctl -H /dev/sda
    to check the health of the first hard-drive on the system.
    And then perhaps look at using the commands: badblocks and fsck to try and find and disable bad blocks on the drive.

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