OK guys,

so my last trip to japan was an electronics trip, and I acquired a GPD micro-laptop. I got it hooked up to an external monitor via the HDMI, and all looks good on FC27 (Linux doggy 4.17.3-100.fc27.x86_64 #1 SMP ). However ....

1. The thing charges using a USB-C connector on the side.
2. When you are charging the device, the FAN goes to 100%.
3. When the OS is running, if you decide to charge it, Power Manager says, it's plugged in, but "discharging". (maybe there is a way to tell the OS to "forget" the USB-C connector, and let the machine use it only for charging?????????.
4. The discharge rate is greately reduced when plugged in, however, it still discharges.
5. I reckon, the fan going 100% plus the OS, create more load than the USB-C can handle.

Assuming that if I lower the fan to normal, the charge socket will allow me to keep the beast plugged in, and work for 48 hours straight, I have found some gpdfand (Fan Daemon) project for ubuntu, which is supposed to let you control the fan, and I am almost done installing it, (had to get CPAN and pull a few perl modules), but it fails in the GPIO
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy systemd[1]: Starting GPD Fan Daemon...
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy gpdfand[16148]: GPIO error. at /usr/local/bin/gpdfand line 135.
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy systemd[1]: gpdfand.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=2
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy systemd[1]: Failed to start GPD Fan Daemon.
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy systemd[1]: gpdfand.service: Unit entered failed state.
Jul 09 13:35:11 doggy systemd[1]: gpdfand.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
but that's just an assumption.
Hibernate works, and the beast also charges fine during hibernation, but the Bluetooth won't come back up after hibernation, prompting a reboot.