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    Monitor Mode

    Hi everyone! I'm a new user of Fedora and so I'm a very beginner of Linux world...
    I want to set my internet card in monitor mode, I tried with ifconfig but I receved an error: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
    Someone can help me?

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    Re: Monitor Mode

    Do you mean you wish to sniff packets? If so, the repos have wireshark available. Also, I believe tcpdump (command line tool) is built in.

    Or am I misunderstanding what you wish to do?
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    Re: Monitor Mode

    First off, you cannot wire sniff unless the card is in promiscuous mode, then there is the issue of hubs vs switches. in a switched environment you won't see ethernet segment traffic that is not either destined for the target host or is a broadcast. Wireshark is hands down the best freebie tool available for seeing and analyzing packets. tcpdump will give you raw data but then you need to have some tools to analyze it. Finally, you generally cannot sniff unless you are the root user. a WAG is that your IOCTL error is due to not accessing the card as root.

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