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    How to disable the time limit for password typing in tty terminal ?


    By default, when I use tty terminal, it give me 60 second waiting time to enter my password for account. If time limit exceeded, then it will ask me to re-enter user name. I like to disable this behavior making tty terminal do exactly like GUI terminal: waiting me for ever till I complete typing the password.

    I run:

    man login

    & read page carefully. It said:
    man login

    login reads the /etc/login.defs(5) configuration file. Note that the
    configuration file could be distributed with another package (e.g.
    shadow-utils). The following configuration items are relevant for


    LOGIN_TIMEOUT (number)
    Max time in seconds for login. The default value is 60.

    LOGIN_RETRIES (number)
    Maximum number of login retries in case of a bad password. The
    default value is 3.
    But when I run:

    $ vi /etc/login.defs

    to inspect contents of this file before run command as sudo, but I did not find the above 2 entries ! I did not find "LOGIN_TIMEOUT 60" !

    Any help, kindly ?
    Fedora 28 X64 bit Cinnamon edition on Lenovo ThinkPad e550 with Intel core i7 5500 CPU @ 2.40 GH X 2, RAM = 8 GB, HHD = 1 TB, Hybrid VGA (Intel Corporation HD Graphic 5500 + Radeon R7 M265 2GB)

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    Re: How to disable the time limit for password typing in tty terminal ?

    Perhaps you could add the configuration: LOGIN_TIMEOUT 120, to the login.defs files and see if it gives you 2 minutes to enter the password.

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