I have recenty installed fedora 27 on my laptop (dell latitude e6230).
My problem is that I cannot *start* WLAN, i.e. antenna LED shut off.
Up until this post I have searched on may other forums for a solution, but to no avail. Problem starts while using linux >= 4.16. On arch linux, kernel version 4.14 is working, but I need KiCAD Nighty Build, reason why I switched to Fedora. Same on the OpenSUSE, 4.17 not working, same on Manjaro >= 4.14. Manjaro with kernel 4.14 is working.
As well as changing BIOS setups, to enable or disable the mechanical switch ( dell-rbtn I guess ).
Up untill this point none of the commands rfkill, modprobe, rmmod worked out. Only isue is that dell-wifi and phy0 is hard blocked, even if switch is disable, enable and turned off, or enabled and turned on, none of the other modules are hard blocked, all of them are not soft blocked.
Don't know if this is an good decision but I will wait for request on commands results to post, not to spam unnecesary info.