I started to use thunderbird for the 1st time. I started by my gmail account. It work O.K but I have following issues (I use it for 1st time):

1) during setting of my Gmail account (initial window that asked for my credential of that Google account), I unchecked "remember my password". Then I switched to next window that I just saw it without change any thing, then click on "Done" from within it. Then a Google account web page opened as new tab asking me for my credential & I enter them again. I entered them again (no option to same or remember password was found), then ask me "this account liked to accessed by Thunderbird, allow ?" I selected "allow"

I entered to my Gmail O.K & read my emails.

The problem is that every time I launched Thunderbird, it login to my gmail, enter credentials automatically though I unchecked "remember my password" during setting ! Even if I reboot laptop !

I delete my Gmail cache then deleted my Gmail account, & reboot my PC. Then I reset Thunderbird as following:

- do not accept cookies from third party
- delete cookies after exit

- do not download messages from this account on this PC

but same issue persist !

What is this ? Google server issue or bug in Thunderbird or ....... ? It should asking me every time I launch Thunderbird for my Gmail account as I try to access it' isn't it or I'm wrong ?

2) type of authentication in setting is by default Othun2. I leave it as it. There is other choice "normal password". Is this related to above issue in point (1) ?