Hello guys,

some time ago I had an issue with a new Epyc-based server, which ended up being fixed by some changes in the BIOS. But I had to revert to Centos7 for a while. I have now reinstalled it into FC28, and the thing is working just awesome.
So I have decided to move a large database into it, in production status. Here is some interesting figures:

There is a large batch job which was originally running in an Intel-based server:
FC19 postgresql on a 8GB /ramdisk (in a dual Xeon E5-2643) : 26 Minutes to run.
Centos7 postgresql on an SSD (in a dual AMD EPYC 7351): 35 Minutes to run
FC28 postgresql on a RAID0 NVME (in a dual AMD EPYC 7351): 25 Minutes to run
(I know raid0 on 2x NVMEs is ridiculous, but I did it with space in mind, but I will undo it during the weekend)