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    Question BackupPC woes on Fedora 28

    I hesitate to start a new thread on this topic instead of jumping on an existing effort, but it has been nearly a decade since this has been brought up in this forum, and most of the help is completely obsolete because of changes in Fedora. Over this time, the compiler got pickier and code that compiled cleanly back before the millenium just won't cut it now.

    So, my project is to build a suitable platform for backups of my systems. I now have the system installed and booting with Fedora 28. Quite a bit of time was spent learning mdadm and lvm and UEFI. I've been through a couple of realizations that "YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE!" - When you introduce hard drives to a system larger than 2TB, older systems won't be able to boot because the bios doesn't understand GPT which is mandatory on the really big disks. Until I have more $$ to get a really up to date system, I have a 500G system disk, and a 5TB Raid1 (mirror) configuration for storing the data from the backups.

    I'm now working on the BackupPC - I've got some of the configuration done, and have discovered that I need to add the SCGI interface to make it come together. There is a mix of Fedora, Windows 7, and Windows 10 systems to be backed up. I intend to use rsync with ssh to back up the Linux systems, and rsyncd for the Windows systems.

    The problem I've hit now is the realization that there is a lot missing in configuration and code when you are trying to follow the "Recommended, Optimal and Secure" path. I am now at the point of getting an error from BackupPC steming from:

    eval "use SCGI;";
    BackupPC_Admin_SCGI: print("BackupPC_Admin_SCGI: can't load perl SCGI module - install via CPAN; exiting in 60 seconds\n");

    I have located mod_scgi.c and the tool needed to create the necessary module for Apache, ( APXS ), but the combination results in LOTS of warnings and ultimately a compilation failure. So before I plow in and fix all the warnings, I should ask if anyone else has already done this? One thing I've learned over time is that I am no longer the Lone Ranger, and other folks have likely encountered and solved the problem.

    - Richard

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    Re: BackupPC woes on Fedora 28

    allow me to play devils advocate.
    being an old codger (started programming in 1978 when I was 14), and remembering the guy who designed Perl who once said: "this is Practical Extraction and Report Language, to write documents, not for servers and stuff, I can't believe what people are using Perl for, they are nuts" (or something the like)

    I have so far ran countless projects and companies' tech departments, AVOIDING PERL as much as possible. The same way I also avoid JAVA like the pest.

    After doing the following in my machine:
    yum install cpan
    cpan App::cpanminus
    cpanm Module::SCGI

    and getting the error message:
    [root@nova ~]# cpanm Module::SCGI
    ! Finding Module::SCGI on cpanmetadb failed.
    ! Finding Module::SCGI () on mirror failed.
    ! Couldn't find module or a distribution Module::SCGI

    I would just stop there, and try to search for another solution.

    Coding in shell is easy
    Coding in C is easier.
    Hell, even PHP (with curl) will most probably do all you need to do.

    Simplicity is usually the key to victory.
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    Re: BackupPC woes on Fedora 28

    I run BackupPC and have done so for 10 or more years. It is difficult to configure but I've never had to compile any perl modules to make it run. I use version 3, at the moment there is no compelling reason to use v4. I don't run it on a Fedora server, I prefer instead a long term maintenance distro like Centos or Scientific linux which is what I use on my server. I use Fedora on my workstations and laptops and they are clients. I don't know that I could get you through the setup in less than 50 posts. It is unfortunate that the BackupPC wiki was discontinued for a while and they lost all these helpful howto's. You may want to post your questions to their user group which is noted in the documentation.
    I presume that you have installed apache, as without it you have no way of activating the CGI. To get useful help here you are going to have to be pretty explicit as to what version of software you install and the version of any major dependencies and so forth.
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    Re: BackupPC woes on Fedora 28

    I too would prefer to operate in 'C' - But at this point in my life, I'd rather make use of those who hit this problem earlier if they resolved the issue. However, without a reasonably clear idea what I am trying to glue together, I'd be digging myself a deeper hole. There is one posting that is only about a year old... but without a solution or a response: "314474-How-to-install-mod_scgi-for-Apache-Server".

    Further reading elsewhere gets this : where about a year ago, two people figured that they could replace mod_scgi with two other modules and not have to rebuild. I'll give that a shot over trying to fix up many, many complaints from the compiler. I could really use some help from the apache folks in modifying the configuration file that BackupPC plants for the httpd server. How do you change the configuration which supported to accept a combination of and ?

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