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    How to install LaTeX on Fedora 28?

    Hello, what's the best way to install LaTeX on Fedora 28? I'd like to use VIM to write LaTeX but if I understood correctly the LaTeX package comes with a compiler that generates PDF output.
    Currently I'm only interested in LaTeX TIPA, the system for processing IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols, but if it won't take a ton of space I'd love to install the entire LaTeX stuff.
    I appreciate any suggestion. Thanks!

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    Re: How to install LaTeX on Fedora 28?

    Hello leslieking.

    1 - if you will Open the Software Center and Use from the top search = Latex.
    you will see the packages to install for Latex,just click add Root pass and install.

    2 - then close the Software Center and Open - dnfdragora.
    there change the option of the second box to show x86_64 and noarch only,
    and add to the search box "Latex" and hit search.
    there you will find all the packages that you look for.

    good luck.
    hope that helps.
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    Re: How to install LaTeX on Fedora 28?

    Thank you. Your time is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately the Software Center only comes up with LaTeX editors such as LaTexila which is about 700Kb in size. I doubt that such a small editor can contain the LaTex compiler + extensions.

    I think $sudo dnf install texlive-scheme-full or texlive-scheme-basic is what I'm looking for. I only have 128GB SSD, so I'll probably go with the basic package to save some space. The basic seems to include the TIPA extension for phonetics.

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