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    Missing Volume Group on boot after vgmerge

    I needed to add some space to my root partition with some unused storage in another volume group on the same device. I used lvremove to delete the unused volume ("fedora") and then used vgchange and vgmerge to merge the two groups. I then used resize2fs to resize the root partition (fedora00). The df command showed that everything had worked and the root partition now had the proper size. I then shut the machine down to install some new memory and when I booted it up, I got this:

    Volume group "fedora" not found
    Cannot process volume group fedora
    Received SIGRTMIN+20 from PID 450 (plymouthd).
    Scanning devices sdb3 sdb6 sdb8 sdc3 for LVM logical volumes fedora00/root fedora/swap fedora00/swap
    ACTIVE 'dev/fedora00/swap' [1.22 GiB] inherit
    ACTIVE 'dev/fedora00/root' [16.57 GiB] inherit
    PARTIAL MODE. Incomplete logical volumes will be processed.
    Volume group "fedora" not found
    Cannot process volume group fedora
    PARTIAL MODE. Incomplete logical volumes will be processed.

    Then I get many lines of:
    Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts

    Could not boot.
    Received SIGRTMIN+20 from PID 450 (plymouthd).
    Warning /dev/fedora/swap does not exist

    Then it starts the dracut emergency console.

    I'm running Fedora 26 and was just about to upgrade to 27. Clearly, there is some reference to the "fedora" group still in a table somewhere; I assumed that vgmerge would take care of that. Is there a utility I need to run or is there a table I should modify myself? I have a fedora 26 live CD, so I should be able to boot from that to make the changes.


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    Re: Missing Volume Group on boot after vgmerge

    No, no LVM command can take care of the individual root configs, there are too many possibilities.

    To rescue your system you should boot your live CD, and # chroot into the file system and take the following steps:

    1) recreate the initramdisk - that is where the references are. The command is # mkinitrd ....

    2) reinstall grub ... # grub2-install /dev/sda

    3) recreate grub.cfg ... # grub2-mkconfig -o ...

    4) check your /etc/fstab if there is any reference to /dev/fedora/swap.

    This is clearly not a beginner's job. It might be easier to backup your /home and start a new install with Fedora 28.

    Best regards,

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