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    Memtest results - do I truly have faulty memory?

    I've been getting a lot of page crashes in Firefox and Chrome as well as lockups of the whole system periodically and I keep seeing segmentation faults.

    I'm not a guru by a long shot and so I'm asking for the help of you gurus out there.

    The errors seem to have started when I upgraded the memory to 2 sticks for total of 8Gb memory. So I ran memtest (from and it certainly seems to point to there being a memory issue, in my limited knowledge anyway.

    I've attached the output files .... the pdf version only gives an overview whereas the log version gives a lot more information.

    In your guru opinion do I have faulty memory that I should try and RMA and is it one stick or both? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

    Cheers for your time folks.
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    Re: Memtest results - do I truly have faulty memory?

    If Memtest says you have a problem with the sticks, before you return them,
    a) swap the two. A swap entails a reseating of the pins. The swap may cure the problem

    If the swap fails to cure the problem. Remove one of the dimms, run memtest, then remove the other after replacing the first.

    Do it with each dimm socket. You may on a small chance have a good set of memory, but a defective mother board.
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    Re: Memtest results - do I truly have faulty memory?

    Yes ... and I would also blow out the memory sockets with electronic cleaner ... I use an alcohol based pressure can ... and clean all the terminals with the same cleaner, and also do a visual inspection making sure all the terminals are present and in contactable condition.

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    Re: Memtest results - do I truly have faulty memory?

    Plus, make sure that when you install the modules they are fully and properly seated in the socket. Sometimes it's difficult to get the little buggers properly make take more force than you'd like.
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    Re: Memtest results - do I truly have faulty memory?

    also, make sure your BIOS is set up properly.
    if you set the DRAM timing wrong, you may get a lot of errors.
    See if the BIOS has automatic or "optimal" settings options. (I would do a factory defaults reset first)

    EDIT: also, can you send us a pic of your motherboard ? maybe you installed them into the wrong slots ? it has happened to me before.
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