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    Linux dollar sign in front of directory

    I'm looking at a config file with dollar signs. What do the dollar signs mean in front of a directory?

    dir = ./demoCA # Where everything is kept
    certs = $dir/certs # Where the issued certs are kept
    crl_dir = $dir/crl # Where the issued crl are kept
    new_certs_dir = $dir/newcerts # default place for new certs.

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    Re: Linux dollar sign in front of directory

    This has nothing to do with directories per se but has to do with variables. The string of characters following the dollar sign is a variable that is being de-referenced, that is its contents are being accessed.

    If dir = ./demoCA

    then $dir/certs == ./demoCA/certs

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    Re: Linux dollar sign in front of directory


    to use the value stored in dir you need to use the $

    echo $dir or echo "$dir"

    echo dir will just display dir
    Leslie in Montreal

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