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    how to monitor my network

    with Fedora 28 server x64_86 I would like to monitor my network,
    it consists of VLANs and a firewall hard cisco, what tools to choose if I suffer external attacks on the router ADSL,
    I need to know what's happening.
    I tried with wiresharsk but it is quite complex ...
    I realized that there are many tools on fedora to monitor the network but which tool to use?


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    Re: how to monitor my network

    Hello Philippe.

    I think the Answer that you asking for will be on NST.
    That system gives you all the tools to monitor all that you need.

    Here is the site to get that system ISO.


    Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a bootable ISO image (Live DVD/USB Flash Drive) based on Fedora 26 providing easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86_64 systems.

    The main intent of developing this toolkit was to provide the security professional and network administrator with a comprehensive set of Open Source Network Security Tools. The majority of tools published in the article: Top 125 Security Tools by INSECURE.ORG are available in the toolkit. An advanced Web User Interface (WUI) is provided for system/network administration, navigation, automation, network monitoring, host geolocation, network analysis and configuration of many network and security applications found within the NST distribution. In the virtual world, NST can be used as a network security analysis, validation and monitoring tool on enterprise virtual servers hosting virtual machines.

    Multi-Tap Network Packet Capture
    Web-Based Network Security Tools Management
    Host/IPv4 Address Geolocation
    Network/System Monitoring
    Network Intrusion Detection
    Network Interface Bandwidth Monitor
    Web-based Snort IDS Integration
    Active Connections Monitor
    Network Segment ARP Scanner
    Network Packet Capture CloudShark Upload Support
    Multi-Port Terminal Server
    VNC / RDP Desktop Session Management

    hope that helps.

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