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    please help me a program

    Dear All,

    Owing to the fact I Stil have drivers issues I cannot watch a few avi films on my tv, however, when I went to write them onto a -r dvd I still couldnt view them on my dvd player which I thought should play them, I can see it clearly says on the following manual that it supports readback of -r dvds as long as the files are .avi which they are, however upon entering of the disc the player doesnt entertain reading it simply stating it is an unsuported format.

    The links to the pdf if any of you are happy to help is on here page 33. I was using k3b and I chose the option for linux/windows compatible, it had a tick for joilet, and it also reduced the size of the filenames to fit the file structure.

    Thank all

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    Re: please help me a program

    check the DVD player manual for specifics about which AVI file format kinds it supports, there's more than one and they all differ with compression rates and audio sampling frequencies.

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