I'm using fedora as my daily driver.
I'm very satisfied with fedora , very nice distro .
I would like to see more proprietary drivers for wifi etc preinstalled , more proprietary software , a much larger repository and rpfusion nonfree etc preinstalled.
Lets stop this opensource obsession , try to make something more usable for the new user , a distro that has every proprietary driver when is needed.
I like that the installer has an option for customized partitioning /installation . What i don't like with the installer is that creates logical partitions for home and root
i want to have all the root filesystem and home directory in the same partition not lose half of it for a home directory that i barely have anything in there cause i use
an ssd disk and i have all my files music,photos,videos etc on my second mechanical disk.

If you want to see what an opensource linux distro looks like you can see trisquel a pathetic linux distro that has 800x600 resolution and no acceleration on my nvidia or amd graphics cards .
The amdgpu opensource driver and radeon for amd is not enough opensource ? Or the nouveau for the nvidia ? Don't be like this distro ! Put every legal free proprietary software and driver
able to be downloaded easily from the user.