I have tested fedora 28 and it was my best gnome experience ! Good job !
First time since my first time i used linux 1999 that i make fedora my daily driver.
I'm very satisfied with the performance of fedora and gnome.
For some reason in ubuntu gnome on wayland i had a bad experience.
On fedora gnome 3d effects /animation are smooth performance is nice and wayland very good.
The only problem is that the installation automatically gives half of the disk on root so i don't know if i install to many apps if it would be filled
my main ssd hard disk is a fast 120gbytes ssd and i have a mechanical 2tb for storing.
I like the new choice that you give to the users to manually create their installation disk partitioning . I love it .
The only bad is the repository , it could have more applications , it took me very long time to install some of my favorite snap applications .
I totally love gnome it performs as it should and i'm lucky my graphics card is compatible with the opensource amdgpu driver the best driver for amd graphics cards.
Keep up the good work and i wish to include fully proprietary software and drivers to fedora , this opensource obsession should stop if you want to attract new users to linux.
Thanks !