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    help me - no bootable device and ask me to insert a boot disk

    I have gone through the installation process using boot camp on my MAC and from what I can see the process went just fine, the OS installed just fine and I got to the point where it asked me to reboot the system. once the system reboots, the linux OS shows up in my boot list but when I click on it it says that it has no bootable device and ask me to insert a boot disk. I am new to the linux install and have no idea what I did wrong, so any advice would help.

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    Re: help me - no bootable device and ask me to insert a boot disk

    i've updated your thread title because 'help me' is not going to make it clear what you want help with to other forum users, please provide more details about the MAC hardware you are trying to install on. Which model and version of bootcamp etc.

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