Hi there,

after upgrading my Intel NUC5CPYB from F27 to F28, Dracut could no longer mount the root filesystem,
saying "dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts",
followed by "warning: <my root disk> does not exist".

Booting the upgraded F28 with the (still installed) old F27 kernel works fine.

Because one of the big new features in F28 kernels is defaulting the SATA link policy to med_power_with_dipm (was max_performance before), I tested setting med_power_with_dipm on my F28 system booted with the old F27 kernel. The result was clear. The med_power_with_dipm setting stops the system from reading from my SATA SSD.

Is there any way of making the new kernels using max_performance again - before running into errors?
Probably via kernel command line or Dracut?