27-28 upgrade broke automount
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    27-28 upgrade broke automount


    I recently updated from 27 to 28: all looked fine. Some time later I plugged in a USB key , and it mounted. I then needed to reboot and since then no automount.

    I suspect this may have been the first reboot since the upgrade, so that may linked to this issue.

    I can see the device being detected correctly in dmesg but it is not getting mounted. I have PCmanFM installed and configured with automount on removable devices.

    since I don't see any errors in the system logs, I'm unsure what the problem is. It's just like automount is not longer acticated. How can I debug this situation?


    BTW, fsck -t vfat shows the device is clean and in good shape.

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    Re: 27-28 upgrade broke automount

    I'd like to have the default behaviour, where they both gets mounted into /media. I only found the graphical tool dconf-editor in some thread here, but I don't know how to do it over ssh. Download Plex App Download Kodi App Download Lucky Patcher App
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