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    fedora 28 freezing after login and can't boot windows 10

    so I had dual booted fedora 26 and windows 10 on my notebook and it worked fine. I then had to format it so I reinstalled windows 10 no problems. Today I went to dual boot fedora 28 and the installation went without complications, but now I can't choose windows to boot on grub and fedora freezes after login.
    I tried to boot windows through the UEFI but it doesn't even show up.
    I don't know what to do, can someone help?

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    Re: fedora 28 freezing after login and can't boot windows 10

    Probably not without a lot more information about your hardware and installation preferences...

    W10 disappearing is typically because the user formatted EFI when installing Fedora or even totally wiping out the W10 system partition... the possibilities are pretty endless...

    Can you boot into a live Fedora USB / DVD and provide more info from there? HDD partitioning, hw specs etc

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    Re: fedora 28 freezing after login and can't boot windows 10

    This is how I always had it, since I use Linux only for work and Windows for gaming, so I wanted to keep it that way and selected the SSD when installing the project. It was no problem installing it, when I boot my computer I can switch between Fedora and Windows, both start the respectitive operating systems But now to my problem. As soon as I log in, the screen freezes, I can't move my mouse (dunno if I can press any key-comb) and the only option I have is to reboot my system and boot into Windows. I can't use Fedora right now. Download Bluestacks App Download TextNow App Download Photomath App
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