I want to solve compiz artifacts under noveau
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    I want to solve compiz artifacts under noveau

    I recently posted that I solved compiz artifacts by specifically installing nvidia proprietary drivers and specifically turning OFF triple buffering in xorg.conf

    However, I really do not want to use nvidia proprietary.

    So far everything that I have tried under noveau has not fixed compiz artifacts. (especially when using the bonanza effect)

    I have built a xorg.conf using Xorg :1 -configure

    I have added (Option "TripleBuffer" "false")

    Nothing I do seems to fix compiz leaving artifacts around messing up the desktop.

    Please help. I really do not want to have to go back to nvidia proprietary especially since 304.xx is not supported any more under F28 and I still have some machines with GTX 7xxx series cards.


    AAAAHHHH The heck with it. Its about time I replace those ol GF 6xxx/7xxx cards. Since these are for servers with not much need for too much graphics I just ordered a couple base line referbished GFX 630s from newegg for $30 each.
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