Hello fellow devs,

The arrival of Windows 10 and it's play with Intel architecture made make look for another solution. Back in time I've been experimenting with F and felt good vibes. The problem was, there was no Starcraft on Linux, so I had to stick to Mickeysoft. But this summers' news about Intel made me puke and the auto-uninstall unrecommended programs feature on Windows 10 made me puke too. So I reinstalled F and was pretty happy with it at the beginning. Then something went askew, my password wasn't working anymore, and I tried dozens of times, it was not the text, it was something else. The story is longer so here is how it goes. I went on vacation for a week where strange things happened to me, like my time's watch had a -1d shift with electronic watches. It happened on the 20th of april, the next day it was still 20. I went skiing but I didn't break light speed so the delay was unexplainable. My watch is a solid Seiko Premium, no doubt about it. It might sound shocking but it is as if time was an illusion and it was relative to each person's conciousness. I can't explain it, and wonder if anybody on this planet can (Hawking is dead unfortunately with no replacement...). When I came back to Paris and turn on F, my passwords didn't work anymore. I had a 6hours skew on my Windows 7 reported time and it is not the first time. I happened first time in 2008, clock skew and strange phenomenons and it was a similar period in time, my brain was "breathing pure energy" till psychological burst and pills and stuff.
By some magic, since yesterday my F password passes again. I can't explain what happened, but there is something about the gigantic brain power fueled by solar energy. In both events the sun was bursting maxima zetta Joules and some stars must have alined again. Don't mock astrology, the Babylonians got it right, there is planetary effect on humans.
Wanted to share this mystery with the community, hypothesis are open.

And a big Thank You Guys for having built so much through F, you are awesome, part of humanity salvation, when "droid dangers" point from many angles. The wifi auth mechanism of F supports the strongest passwords, where Windows 7 is completely lost (in authentification). I will drop an ETH donation as a big Thank You for all the efforts. Continue keeping the human brain "uncaged".