FC28- Burn Blueray backup
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    FC28- Burn Blueray backup

    I have a Bluray video disk which my son LOVES and watches a lot. I made a backup of the disk to a hard drive using Handbrake's Backup feature a while back.
    He has recently broken the disk and it is no longer readable. I want to burn a copy of the disk so it is exactly the same as the original with menus and everything.

    I can see and read the files, play them with VLC and transcode them to MP4 or other formats for digital playing... CRM has been removed so I can use the files any way I please. However, I need to play it on a blueray player and have it look the same as he is used to for playing it.

    Everything I find is for Windows to clone BlueRays. The original disk is unreadable. I do not have access to a Windows instance to see if any of these will rebuild the disk with the backup I have.

    I use Fedora and am currently on FC28. I have Pioneer XDR-05S and burn data disks all the time. But cannot get anything readable for Video.

    I have seen reference to tsMuxeR but cannot get this to work on my machine and there isn't any support I can find to help me with it.

    This seems like something I should be able to find but simply cannot. I am guessing because this would make it easy to get nefarious and bootleg stuff. That is not my intent here but I get it why it's hard to do.

    Any help or direction is quite helpful. Thanks!

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    Re: FC28- Burn Blueray backup

    Can you play the handbrake backup on your computer?

    makemkv is free for linux but is actually commercial software

    check the linux forum for a key to test the software. Last I checked
    to use the blueray backup requires payment ($50 us)

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