In July 2015, after installing Fedora 22 Workstation 32 bit, I witnessed a sudden increase and decrease in internet speed and I could not figure it out myself. So I started a thread on this issue and sought help.

Finally, as far as what I understood at that time from members' feedback, a background process, which automatically updated my system was eating the bandwidth and was responsible for the sudden increase and decrease in internet speed. So, I ended up removing a few packages, which I thought at that time (please correct me if I am wrong) were the followings.


And all of a sudden the problem was solved. Since then, it has become a habit with me to remove these 3 packages as soon as I am done installing a new version of Fedora workstation well upto Fedora 27, which I am currently running. This time around, after I was done installing Fedora 27 64 bit Workstation, I did remove these 3 packages. But when I rebooted my system, Google Chrome browser was gone, nowhere to be seen, and I thought it also got uninstalled when I removed packagekit. Has Google Chrome browser anything to do with these 3 packages, namely packagekit, axel, yum-cronie? Yum-cronie is no longer there since DNF has taken over, which I understand. I did re-install Google Chrome browser.


Am I supposed to remove these 3 packages each time I install a new version of Fedora to make sure that updates are not downliaded and installed without my knowledge and I do not feel a sudden decrease in internet speed for no apparent reason? Or are these 3 packages (and any more of the same nature) absolutely not essential for running my system smoothly? What are they for actually?