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    plymouth broken on a fresh install, why?

    I did a fresh install of F28 (which I then promptly updated) on a Dell Precision M6700 laptop (old laptop, equipped with a Amd Fire Pro M6000 2Gb graphics card). I was finally happy to sport a open source supported card in my system but for some reason at every boot plymouth doesn't show itself but instead three dots appear. I even tried to remove it (by dnf) and reinstall it, rebooting, but still same behaviour.
    Didn't have this happening on a Dell Latitude laptop of the same age with a Nvidia card.
    Any chance I can fix it?
    The laptop BIOS is the latest one (april 2018!) and there's no hybrid graphics or other settings to play with. The machine has 2 drives, system is installed in the one in the secondary compartment (/dev/sdb, a SSD), the other one in the primary compartment (/dev/sda, a HD) is just a big empty (just created) ext4 partition.
    Thanks :)

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    Re: plymouth broken on a fresh install, why?

    Do you really need plymouth?
    For me it's a cosmetic, beautiful start-up, but that slowed down this startup.
    Personally I remove all plymouth package with
    dnf remove plymouth*
    and after just a
    dracut -f
    After reboot no plymouth, and start-up is more faster:
    --with plymouth 25 seconds
    --without plymouth 5 seconds
    With an ssd disk

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    Re: plymouth broken on a fresh install, why?

    good suggestion, I ditch the boot animation too since it's unnecessary. previously I just removed rhgb quiet from the boot command line but removing plymouth as well is much slicker.

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