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    Both Firefox and Thunderbird startup extremely slow since last Update of F28

    Good morning,

    Since the last update (kernel -4.16.8-300.fc28.x86_64 plus a few others) both Firefox and Thunderbird are now taking nearly 2 minutes to start. I already searched the www but could not find any bug reports or solutions to this case. As I do not want to downgrade kernel I have got 3 questions

    1) what is causing this ?
    2) How can it be that after an update the system is damaged like that ?
    3) Are there any solutions known now ?


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    Re: Both Firefox and Thunderbird startup extremely slow since last Update of F28

    I'm using the same kernel, marfia, and both FF and T-bird. Although I'll admit they've always been a bit slow starting up, I'm not seeing any noticeable difference since the new kernel was installed. Certainly, not 2 minute start-up times.

    Something else going on, perhaps? Any other changes?

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