[SOLVED] Can't install Epson xp-241 driver
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    Can't install Epson xp-241 driver

    Hello everybody, new to the forum, not that new to Fedora.

    I'm running Fedora 27 with openbox on a cheap Chinese laptop. A few days ago, I bought an Epson xp-241 printer-scanner. Now, I've been trying for hours to get it to work, but no luck.

    I've been googling the drivers for it, and every link I followed takes me to the same driver: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/se...h/searchModule

    However, once I download it, I can't get it installed. I'm not a programmer, nor an "expert" on these things: just a normal end user, so I don't know about compiling and the like, and the instructions on the readme file look like they were written in martian to me.

    So, is there a way for me to get this thing working, without getting a degree in software engineering? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Re: Can't install Epson xp-241 driver

    ...for the scanner, just download the FC27 package from EPSON -> https://download2.ebz.epson.net/imag...x64.rpm.tar.gz

    tar xzvf imagescan-bundle-fedora-27-1.3.28.x64.rpm.tar.gz
    cd imagescan*
    ...for the printer side; you need to follow the instructions from this page and install the 3rd RPM from the table.

    dnf install lsb
    dnf install epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.6.20-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rpm
    I don't have an EPSON but that's what I'll do, enjoy!

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    Re: Can't install Epson xp-241 driver

    It worked! (And, of course, it had to be simple enough to make me feel like an idiot for asking )
    Anyway, thank you agileape, you're the man.

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