Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a laptop model recommendation. I'm fairly hardware savvy but when it comes to laptops, there always seem to be model to model gotchas. If it were a desktop gotchas can usually be solved by swapping parts but that is usually not an option for a laptop. Here's what I have in mind:
  • Integrated graphics (don't need a discrete which will consume battery anyways).
  • 8th generation low power i7 (8559U) or something of that power. Intending to serve as a desktop replacement for the indefinite future. Not sure how I feel about ryzen after reading about the infamous 1st generation idle stall problem.
  • Wired connection really appreciated.
  • Easily accessible SSD (preferrably M.2, I suppose SATA would be acceptable).
  • CD Drive would be a nice (since it can be swapped out for an extra hard disk).
  • Prefer ease of disassembly over thin esthetics.
  • Full 1080 resolution. (4K not necessary as I'm not sure of the status of MATE on HiDPI.)

And of course: plays nice with Fedora Linux. This laptop is for my sister and as the official 1 man head of IT, I refuse to do Windows support (and yearly reinstalls).

Would really appreciate your suggestions. Not that concerned about price just to see what price range my expectations are looking at.