F28 Xfce spin: Supplemental wallpapers don't show up
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    F28 Xfce spin: Supplemental wallpapers don't show up


    Today I installed supplemental wallpapers:

    sudo dnf install f28-backgrounds-extras-xfce
    The terminal indicates that the package has been installed. However, when I look at Desktop's Background folder, I don't see any more wallpapers other than the default "lit fiber optics strands" wallpaper that comes with F28.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: F28 Xfce spin: Supplemental wallpapers don't show up

    They are installed into a different directory. To access them click on Other in the Folder dropdown list. Backgrounds should be highlighted in the window that opens. Open it, the f28 and then extras. Click on open in the window and the backgrounds will appear in the desktop settings.

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    Re: F28 Xfce spin: Supplemental wallpapers don't show up

    At first, your suggestion didn't work because previously I had downloaded from the Internet some images into the Pictures folder. I had to use File Manager to get rid of those first, then uninstall f28-backgrounds-extras-xfce along with its dependency.

    After re-installing this file,

    Desktop settings > backgrounds > f28 > extras > open > select image


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