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    Boot-time on white Macbook

    I have fedora 28 installed on a macbook 4.1. (the white one, early 2008, 4GB RAM). Everything works so far. However, I find the boot times extremely long. from pressing the power button until the desktop is 4.5 minutes. Do you have the same problem or can I influence that somewhere? PRAM and SMC have both been resetted by me.
    It's only a few seconds on my thinkpad x220, that's normal.

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    Re: Boot-time on white Macbook

    There are many factors for that slow boot time. That particular macbook is a Core2 Duo machine, shipped with a 5400 RPM mechanical HD SATA I interface, also we are speaking 667 MHz DDR2 memory. The Thinkpad is a far better machine with an i5 processor (or i7 for the upgraded version) DDR3 13333MHz memory, and a SATA II interface.

    The only thing that may help a little bit could be an upgrade to SSD, just keep in mind that since we are speaking of SATA I interface the speed will be limited to 1.5Gbps. I don't quite see a software solution for this since we are speaking about hardware limitations.

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    Re: Boot-time on white Macbook

    please run

    systemd-analyze blame

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