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    ghdl in Fedora 28

    Fedora 28 installed from scratch on the hard disk of fairly common hardware -- (Intel mother board, two 2TB hard disks etc.
    Did dnf upgrade, so it is up to date.
    Group installed C compiler libraries etc. and then installed ghdl.

    To test ghdl, I tried to simulate some simple vhdl designs which compile and simulate correctly on Fedora 27.
    On Fedora 28, Analysis of vhdl file goes through fine. When I try to elaborate the design using:
    ghdl -e testbench
    I get an error:

    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgnat-7
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    ghdl:error: compilation error

    Is there something missing in the ghdl disrtibution?
    I thought it had pulled in gnat as usual at the time of installation.
    Could the problem be that the library path used by ld has not been upgraded? (The problem persists after re-boot).

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    Re: ghdl in Fedora 28

    Perhaps ghdl is not used by a lot of readers of this forum -- so there was no response.
    However, since I have found a work around for the problem, I shall post it here.

    The gnat library provided with ghdl on Fedora 28 is version 8. From the error message it is clear that it is looking for version 7.
    I have used a dirty work around by placing a symbolic link to libgnat-8.so called libgnat-7.so in /usr/lib64. Now ghdl can elaborate and run designs.

    Hopfully when the ghdl binary is re-compiled, this bug will go away. Obviously this package was not well tested before being put in the distribution.
    Next project: To find out how to mark this topic as solved!

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