Fedora 28 Gnome Freezing
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    Fedora 28 Gnome Freezing

    My freshly installed Fedora 28 Workstation running Gnome is experiencing seemingly random freezes (video stops moving, no keyboard, no mouse, although sound continues in background). Hoping to get some idea of where I can look for likely culprits and troubleshoot. Happy to run and output any commands that would be helpful. This happens on both Wayland and Xorg. At the moment my screen (another computer―desktop) is frozen on a full-screen thunderbird window. Previously it's been a half-screened firefox or chromium.

    Appreciate your help!

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    Re: Fedora 28 Gnome Freezing

    Similar problems on my machine for fc28 and a few previous versions, too: Keyboard and mouse clicks stop having effect, although the cursor still moves around. Eventually that fails too. Can only press reset button to reboot. Within a few days, the same problem reoccurs. It seems like the window manager gets corrupted, as initial symptoms are that some windows stop being properly redrawn.

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    Re: Fedora 28 Gnome Freezing

    Possible Wayland issue. There was such issues in the past where desktop just stops responding. Try with X.org GNOME session and see if the issue persist.

    Machine out of RAM. Does the cursor slows down to a stop or does it stop immediately. If it is the former, machine might go out of RAM. Try running some RAM monitor and in the background and monitor RAM usage when the issue occurs.

    Hardware driver issue. This one is the nastiest. There is not much one can do except use some other version where there is no such issue. The problem ideally should be tracked down and made sure that it is reported.

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    Re: Fedora 28 Gnome Freezing

    My option s are "Gnome" and "Gnome classic". There is no "Xorg Gnome".
    The cursor stops immediately.
    Do all hardware report to the same log file, or is it scattered around?
    Thanks for the info.

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