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    Making 3 Disks Look Like 1 Big Disk


    The SAN admin where I am wants to keep a standard of all disks to be 2 terabytes (hardware-wise). Though I have no issue creating a 6 terabyte volume in Linux they want to present it to me as 3 x 2-terabyte disks. I could partition each but that would functionally give me 3 disks where I want just one (1) that looks like 6 terabytes.

    How can I make 3 x 2-terabyte disks look like just 1 x 6 terabyte volume?

    For instance, if I was to do a df -h it should show as 1 x 6 terabyte volume.

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    Re: Making 3 Disks Look Like 1 Big Disk

    Use LVM to combine the physical disks into a logical volume.

    That first link from the Fedora docs wasn't particularly enlightening. Here is a more complete description.
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    Re: Making 3 Disks Look Like 1 Big Disk

    Or you could set up a raid 0 or linear raid using mdadm.
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    Re: Making 3 Disks Look Like 1 Big Disk

    I have my own lvm page, which, although somewhat dated, some folks liked. (and it gives links to better pages).

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