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    feature request - moderated post notification for users

    Is it possible to enable notification for users who post content to the forum when it's placed in a moderation queue? a new member contacted us today because of this issue via email. they have a valid point that it would be easier if the forum told the users their contents has been placed in the moderation queue and to not post again:

    ...After previewing the post I selected "Submit new thread" and was redirected to the relevant section of the forum.

    I am a bit concerned because after a few minutes there is no sign of my thread. I wondered if new threads are read and approved by moderators before becoming public, but if so I was expecting to see at least a message something like "Thank you for posting, you thread not be visible until approved by a moderator." Did the submission fail? Should I retry?
    Just wondering if there is a setting (or compatible plugin for vB 4.2.5 that will do this)


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    Re: feature request - moderated post notification for users

    we have this thread in 'Tips about the forum' kindly created by bob but evidently it's something that needs addressing at the time of posting rather than expecting users to go looking for it after the event.

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