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    So long Gnome, Hello KDE Plasma

    With Gnome 3.28, Gnome project in all it's wisdom, made, in their view, major improvements to Gnome. One of them is to remove "Drag and Drop" (Cut and paste) usability.

    Currently, I am a member of a senior mens club (660 members). We have an active "computer club". where seniors come to lean and to use email, LibreOffice, Firefox, Gimp, Inkscape and games.

    The seniors bring a flashdrive onto which to load/store some of their files that they use. We discourage using permanent storage.

    Up until Gnome 3.28, we could have icons on the desktop, Icons such as Documents, Home, Flashdrive, to name three.

    With Gnome 3.28 pffffft, that is gone. No desktop icons. Now we have the seniors asking "Where is the Documents folder? How do I move my file from Documents to the flashdrive", and many similar questions.

    Gnome stupidified the Desktop, It is now a clean area, unusable, except for the new beautiful Fedora 28 collection of backgrounds. But, along came KDE to the rescue.

    KDE provides an alternate view of the desktop and it is so easy to use, (Hello again Desktop, Documents). The seniors figured out how to do their thing, including "drag and drop (cut and paste).

    In defense of Gnome, if you love Nautilus, and want to be a Nautilus mouse click expert, then Gnome is for you. I am not keen to teach 650 seniors how to use Nautilus.

    Hope this posting sends a message to Gnome.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: So long Gnome, Hello KDE Plasma

    To be technically correct, Nautilus dropped support of the desktop rather than some "grand plan" for Gnome overall. I don't think the Gnome folks minimize the value of managing files on the desktop. Its just the usual problem of time and resources.

    I don't say this thinking anyone will feel better about the loss, but I do think the rationale makes sense.

    Still want a desktop file manager? The link above includes instruction for installing "nemo" for your desktop.

    Want to test it out first? Do a "dnf install nemo", then <alt> F2 and enter "nemo-desktop" at the command prompt.
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    Re: So long Gnome, Hello KDE Plasma

    You could also install and use xfce4 desktop environment in which you can cut and paste.

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    Re: So long Gnome, Hello KDE Plasma

    KDE plasma desktop, presents three display options. One is menu, the second is by activities, and the third is by-desktop.
    The by-desktop is in my opinion, superior to gnome's favourites/frequent/all
    With KDE, begin typing anywhere on the desktop and the actions take place Gnome requires you to click on the activity window (top centre) to launch an application.

    Plasma is a new paradigm that is a comfortable alternative to Gnome.

    Regarding Gnome (which I used for the past 10 years), I will wait to see what 3.30 offers. Thus far, I have my KDE alternative.
    Leslie in Montreal

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