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    Power Saving - HP Micro server

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me solve an issue with my server power-saving. I have an HP micro server, probably around gen3/4. I'd like to get it to suspend when idle for a set period, spin down the drives and fully suspend. I'd then like to try and wake it back up when i ssh or use samba to access one of the shares. I've tried to get this working and have used powertop and hdparm to apply the power-saving settings to the drives and interfaces. The drives spin down now, but the server light stays green and the networking interface seems to stay active. However, when i attempt to ssh or samba, the system does not wake up - i have to push the power button once and then try again.

    Can anyone help me configure it in such a way that it fully suspends and then wakes when accessed as described? I previously had this working on other distros but i seem to be having issues now. Bios settings are configured correctly.


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    Re: Power Saving - HP Micro server

    Another idea:

    Would Wake On Lan work for you? I have all my machines set up, and that's how I wake them. It's pretty easy to set up but there is a caveat or two.

    1 It must be enabled in the BIOS

    2 Machines must be powered down via software (command or menu selection). If someone uses the power button or there's a power outage, the power button will have to be used to get it going the next time.

    The script to wake one up looks like:
    sudo ether-wake xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    Replace xx with MAC address of network card you want to wake.

    - would that work maybe?
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