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    Scrolling lags in some applications

    Hi there!
    I try fedora 27, but I faced with some problems.
    1. On wayland session scrolling in firefox periodic lag (looks like periodic tearing and stuttering scroll) and chromium very lag scrolling.
    2. Okay, I movement to xorg session, but problem is there! Scrolling in firefox or Chromium periodic lags (looks like periodic tearing and stutting scroll), but on second monitor only (on primary I haven't this problem).
    Hardware: Laptop Acer Extensa 2510G, Intel i5 u4210u, intel hd 4400, nvidia 820m (disabled in UEFI), 8GB RAM.
    On debian 9 stable I don't see this problem, but I want going to fedora.
    And I faced with it on linux mint cinnamon (mutter based?).
    With xfce I have problem too, but tearing is stronger.
    KDE, compton works without problem and very smooth.
    Any solutions?
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