Hi guys,

in Japan at the moment. I just bought a new Vaio for wifey, a large screen one VJS15 I think and after installing FC27 from the Live LXDE spin, (I didn't let Win10 get past the emergency omg omg wth screens lol), I did a dnf upgrade.
When the comp came back up, the screen lighting turns OFF at the lxdm login screen.
Tried all the blue buttons to no avail.

Luckily I had a small led flashlight, which allowed me to sorta see the screen, so I rebooted, and went back to its default install 4.13.9-300 , which works fine.

Any clues ?
here is the inxi and Xorg.old files

EDIT: actually the screen turns off during the white fedora logo "fillup" procedure already