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    Wtf ??? Did i kill the forum???

    Nah, it wasn't anything anyone here did. This was an issue with the server folks which apparently took nearly 3 days to figure out. Amazingly, we still don't have a good explanation on what went wrong or why it was so difficult to fix.

    On the "plus" side, we're back up. Sorry for the delay; it affected everyone and everything.
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    Re: Wtf ??? Did i kill the forum???

    I'm glad the forum has returned. I was at a loss as to what to do with my freed-up time. In the end the wife and I used that freed-up time to visit a restaurent for some hot and spicy "Portugese Chicken" The spicy sauce they used is called "Piri-Piri"
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    forum down 48 hrs?

    hello forum admins. do you need hosting with 24/7 response ?
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    Re: Wtf ??? Did i kill the forum???

    Quote Originally Posted by bob
    Nah, it wasn't anything anyone here did.
    Nope it was the wibble rouser

    @bobx001 - if you have any serious suggestions please send them to then we will forward them on to the owner.

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    Re: Wtf ??? Did i kill the forum???

    Bet they forgot the lecky bill..

    My work place server went down for a day owing to power issues once. It was a dodgy switch apparently.

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    Re: Wtf ??? Did i kill the forum???

    When can I expect my reimbursement?

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