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    Exclamation Newbie questions

    Will the Beta convert to Final automatically or does the user need to do stuff in terminal ?

    Will there be an iso of just LXQt ?

    Does wine 3.5 support a F28 version ?

    Do Gnome extensions for 3.26 work perfect in 3.28 ?

    Can Fedora please make an desktop iso just for newbies ? Pretty please ? I would use Korora 27 if there was such a thing and if it were stable.

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    Re: Newbie questions

    Will the Beta convert to Final automatically or does the user need to do stuff in terminal ?
    You probably should delete the Beta install and then install a stable version (Fedora 27 or in the middle of May Fedora 28). It is probably not a good idea for a Newbie to try to use a Beta (Rawhide) version of Fedora. There are probably bugs lurking in the install. You should probably refer to the following website for more info on this topic:

    Will there be an iso of just LXQt ?
    You can download the LXQT spin of Fedora 27 right now (you will have to wait a month or so to download Fedora 28 with LXQT). Here is the website: Just scroll down to find the LXQT version.

    Can Fedora please make an desktop iso just for newbies ?
    This forum is independent of (the folks that develop Fedora) so posting this question here will have no effect. But certainly you should avoid installing Beta isos as mentioned above. Betas are for experienced users who want to contribute to the development of new Fedora isos. I find that Fedora is not all that difficult to use -- and there is plenty of help on this web-site for new, inexperienced users.

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    Re: Newbie questions

    From my past experience, there will be a dnf command to upgrade from the beta-1.x to the final. The command is likely to be the same as the command to convert from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28

    As a person who has done the system upgrade multiple times, here is my experience:
    a) The procedure works
    b) The procedure is/was inefficient. It took or can take many hours to complete. Consider doing it before going out for the day or retiring for the night. There is some positive news here though with this method. This past month you are probably seeing many many software updates. These updates are migrating/converting the existing installed applications to the Fedora 28 level.

    A BETTER /Alternate APPROACH
    This is what I do and why I recommend it to you. "You probably downloaded and installed applications for which you no longer have an interest" and "You may have obsolete applications that are hanging round, because there is a risk to doing the "dnf uninstall" of each.
    a) run dnf list installed > /tmp/installed.list
    b) review /tmp/installed.list to take note of the programs you want to have installed into Fedora 28
    c) make certain that your /home directory is backed up or is on a separate partition from / or /boot or other
    d) download and install the network install iso to a flash drive.
    e) boot the network install from the flashdrive.
    f) when it comes to disk selection, choose your disk and choose custom.
    g) With the custom menu, open the list of partitions shown and pickup the bios (reformat), the / (reformat) /boot (reformat) swap (reformat) and /home(do not reformat).

    continue with new user id and password and let the installation execute. This process will create a clean F28 with your existing /home, and will include the groups (packages) you would like to have in the new system.
    h) Run the upgrade this way. Instead of taking 5 to 6 hours, it will run in around 3 hours. It will be updating from a "Mirror host" near your location.
    i) After the reboot, install the rpmfusion repositories and complete the new build using your list created from a) above.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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    Re: Newbie questions

    guys simply updating the beta installation using the normal package manager (dnf, GNOME software centre, dnfdragora etc.) converts it to release build. it's been this way as long as I can recall.

    you would literally be wasting your time reinstalling. using the system upgrade plugin would simply return nothing to do.

    there already is a Fedora LXQt ISO according to the torrents list but I don't know about whether Korora produce one too. You'll find the Fedora one at

    since you are more interested in the Korora build, regarding your last question about an ISO for newbies, ask Korora for that as they make their own custom ISO using lorax and kickstarts.

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