The last year or so i have noticed on the internet that many people seems to wanna install the closed source AMD graphics driver on fedora but have some problems with it. In that regard i figured it might be interesting to start a thread and tell how I do it and then people could tell their experiences on the matter and hopefully this thread could then serve as a useful peace of information to those who like to install the driver.

First of all i need to point out to those who newer have tried to manually install a graphics driver on a linux distro before, that it can be tricky. So this is an operation that you try on your own risk. And if you want to try this i suggest that you backup all important data on a hard drive before you begin with the installation. The second thing is that some times after the installation the screen can turn black, not because something is wrong. The reason is that sometimes the combinations of display-managers and desktop-environments do not support the latest driver. The reason (I believe) for this is that fedora provide the latest software and sometimes the software is simply to new for the driver. So if this happens do not give up and believe the system is broken, instead enter the terminal and try to install new display-managers and desktop-managers and try to activate them and piece together different combinations and see what might work. The third thing is that when you manually install a graphic driver the automatic updates can crack up. So before you gonna do a software update after this i suggest that the graphic driver is uninstalled and then reinstalled after the update. On my fedora computers i have actually disabled the automatic updates and only update once every sixth month when a new fedora-distro is released.

So with that said....... The problem when when you gonna install the AMDGPU-pro driver is simply that the fedora software is to new for the driver when it comes to the kernel and xorg. One of many advantages with the fedora distro is that it is relatively simple to downgrade packages, even between different versions. So what you need to do is to downgrade this two packages so they will fit with the driver, search online to find out which versions that are supported. The downgrades can bee done rather manually from the web page or by the terminal. If you are lucky maybe you only need to downgrade the kernel, depends on which fedora version you are running. When this is done just visit the AMD web page and follow the install instructions from the Red hat linux 7 chapter. When the driver is installed i suggest that you disable the EPEL-repo that you used during the installation as a precaution for future use of the computer.