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    Shared Mount Point


    What are some options to have a file system (say /u02) where it is Read and Write from one system but can be mounted as Read only from other Linux systems?

    EDIT: NFS looks pretty straight forward. Is this generally still used or is there a better option?


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    Re: Shared Mount Point

    Study up on permissions, add a group with r/w permission and leave all others as ro. NFS fully supports permissions across the network. The one key thing to remember is that permissions operate on the user and group numbers only ( no knowledge of associated names). This means that all users and groups on your network must have the same user #'s and group #'s on all systems.
    After you get common numbering under control it will be a piece of cake
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    Re: Shared Mount Point

    When mounting, you can specify an option for read-only: mount -o ro server:/u02 /u02

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