Fedora forget wifi passkey
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    Fedora forget wifi passkey

    Hi guys, I installed a fresh version of Fedora 27. My network chipset is a realtek rtl8811au usb, and i installed its driver taken from this guide. It works well, but at every bootup fedora seems to forget every time the wifi passkey and i have to set it manually as it was a new ap. I looked for a solution on google but i found nothing. Anyone of you guys can help me ?

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    Re: Fedora forget wifi passkey

    I have seen this many times when you have 2 WiFi AP's with the same SSID (maybe one is a repeater?).

    Question, does each connection get created "anew" on your connection list ?
    Wireless Connection
    Wireless Connection 1
    Wireless Connection 2
    Wireless Connection 3
    Wireless Connection 4
    ? or does it just always want you to "edit" the same config ?

    Also, I have seen this happen with WiFi routers which are set to "reset themselves" at night, fully, clearing out the ARP tables (MAC -> IP).
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