F27 and my triple monitor setup
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    F27 and my triple monitor setup

    Way back at F25 I upgraded my hardware MB + CPU and ran into problems during the NVidia driver install and so was stuck because of dual boot and lazy.
    I went to windows and stayed there until F27.
    I installed F27 and right "out of the box" my triple monitor set up worked without the NVida work around. Thanks!

    I am back into my coding hobby and am enjoying life again

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    Re: F27 and my triple monitor setup

    good to know and welcome back, it's really the nouveau developers upstream that deserve credit mostly but I'm sure the Fedora Project would appreciate your praise if they read this too. when you upgraded the hardware, was it a brand new to market card? if so it can take a few months for nouveau to catch up and support it properly

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