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    Fedora 25+ and G5/PPC64

    I saw a couple of posts about installing (a fairly recent version of) Fedora on a G5. Since I still have my old PowerMac G5, I thought I should make a better use of it, instead of dumping it, or selling parts from it. Though, I'm not sure I get the articles all the way, sort of.

    First, this one: masterzorag/G5_ppc64-linux: Linux on the PowerMac G5
    ...which is linked from: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Archi..._Architectures
    And I also saw this one: Installing Fedora 22 on Apple PowerMac G5 HOWTO | linuxhacker.ru

    I'm thinking - once installed, I can upgrade later on …or, grab the same ISO, but use F27 instead. Or perhaps one of these would be better.

    I get most parts of the guides, but it feels like they (both) have missing parts (&/or left some parts out). They kind of feel like guides/sumups in a way. The 2nd one (the F22 example) feels more complete and uses the install to do the partitioning? and then the manual installation over SSH. Reading he used VNC because his DVD didn't work... I assume you run the installer as normal up to a certain point (partition), and then continue with the manual installation.

    Anyone that know of a more verbose guide, or can put down more notes on what needs to be done? Or have anyone used one of these guides, and can share some experience?

    I'd appreciate any help, or pointers. Name:  icon14.png
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    Re: Fedora 25+ and G5/PPC64

    I have experimented a little bit with trying to get Fedora 25 onto a G5. I have tried with a quad G5 (now sold) and an iMac G5, and both have failed even to bring up an installer. I remember using Fedora on a G5 some years back and enjoying it quite a lot, because everything worked well and the hardware was still plenty adequate for general computing use at the time. I've been curious lately to see whether a G5 could still, say, keep up with YouTube if given a decently modern version of Linux, but so far I've had no success with that, as stated.

    I'm thinking that it might be time to give up on those old Power Macs as Linux boxes, unless you happen to have the time, knowledge and drive to make it work. Linux is increasingly just not targeting that platform, so it's gotten to where ordinary people can't get it running now. At least there is Talos II and its POWER9 CPUs! Just wish that they were a lot cheaper right now. I look forward to getting one eventually and running Fedora on there. Got to make do with my AMD box for now.

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    Re: Fedora 25+ and G5/PPC64

    PPC images are still available from here:


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    Re: Fedora 25+ and G5/PPC64

    Quote Originally Posted by antikythera
    PPC images are still available from here:

    Something to look out for:

    PPC64 images are for installation on IBM Power systems or OpenPOWER systems.

    PPC64LE images are for installation on IBM Power systems or OpenPOWER systems.

    There are two variations of POWER supported (big- and little-endian), and neither variety seems to be aimed at Apple's old PowerPC systems anymore. Again, in my experience, they simply do not work on the Power Mac G5 platform.

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