I'm not sure I'm ready to migrate from Windows yet as I'm a blind user and I still find Windows paired with a screen reader more blind friendly than Linux. Of course, this can be largely due to me having practically no experience with other than Windows systems, but in the last days I have been testing various Linux distros to see whether Linux could work for me.

Since I read that Fedora comes with accessibility options installed, I thought I'd give it a spin. I created a live USB and as far as I can tell, it boots fine. I have a tiny bit of eye sight left (I can still distinguish between dark and light) and I assume that everything went OK, because after some time my screen changed from dark to a more bright color and my computer calmed down.
Now, my question is, how do I start the Orca screen reader in order to run Fedora from USB or alternatively install it? The command alt+super+s used in other distributions such as Ubuntu does not seem to work. Also, is there anything else I need to enable to get speech output (such as enabling audio)?

Lastly, any good guide you'd recommend someone thinking of migrating from Windows to linux? The differences seem to be quite a few and I'm not sure where to begin. In particular, the way Linux deals with HDD storage is quite different from the Windows philosophy.

And BTW, I guess that my user name got cut off when registering. :-(

Many thanks and have fun. :-)