Hi everyone,

I'm a happy Fedora user, for 4-5 years now. I've recently got a new lap, a Dell 5570 featuring i7-8550, and happily run Fedora 27 with an evergreen smile.
The only thing is, I have noticed Fedora approximately doubles the idle/low activity consumption if compared to Windows. This is annoying, as you can understand. That's in fact the only thing making me switch to Windows whenever I need to have 9-10 hours of battery power: with Fedora I can't exceed 5-6 hours.
Unfortunately, this doesn't come as a surprise since I can verifiy that estimated power ratings are 3W and 5-6W for Windows and Fedora respectively. My battery is a 40 Wh unit, so all the pieces fit.

My question is, what in the world can cause such a big difference? I know we're talking about a few Ws of consumption, but I'm a student and even an hour more of battery power means a lot for me. Can't it be related to tdp and/or scaling governors? I've also noticed Windows keeps the i7 down between 780MHz-1600MHz (often under 1.1GHz) where Fedora always runs above 1GHz.

Thanks for reading,