Fedora 27 - Impossible to use Brother scanner
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    Fedora 27 - Impossible to use Brother scanner

    Hello everyone,

    The device is a Brother DCP-L2560DW, printing works fine. I would like to use the scanner with a USB connection and not through the network.

    I have tried to fix the issue by reinstalling the drivers and changing the permissions as I saw in various posts online but it did not work.

    Here is the output of scanimage -L:
    scanimage -L
    device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam: USB2.0 HD virtual device
    Here is the ouput of sudo sane-find-scanner:

    found USB scanner (vendor=0x0bda [Generic], product=0x0139 [USB2.0-CRW]) at libusb:001:003
    found USB scanner (vendor=0x04f9 [Brother], product=0x0329 [DCP-L2560DW]) at libusb:003:010
    Xsane or Simple scan only detect the webcam of my computer.

    I am not an advanced user so I am not sure what other information would be needed to help me solve the problem, please tell me what more is needed.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Fedora 27 - Impossible to use Brother scanner

    Install xsane if you don't have it installed already (# dnf install xsane). Then go to this Brother website: http://support.brother.com/g/b/downl...50dw_us&os=127
    Scroll down to where it says "scanner drivers". Click on the second entry (. . .64 bit rpm) or the first entry (. . 32bit rpm) if you have an older 32 bit system.
    Agree to Brother's regulations. Click on "Save File" radio button. Then install the driver: "# dnf install /home/user-name (this is your name)/Downloads/brscan4-0.4.4-4.x86_64.rpm (or brscan4-0.4.4-4.i386.rpm if this is what you downloaded) "

    I cannot guarantee that this driver will work (it is the closest driver to what you have listed that the Brother website has). Restart your machine and then start up "xsane" ($ xsane) while your printer/scanner is on. If this driver does not work, remove it (# dnf remove brscan4). You can google your exact model to see if you can find that driver.

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